Thursday, 19 April 2012

Whats in my Bag...

hey beauts. I've seen this post a few times recently so I thought I'd join in.. 
Only the stuff in my bag are not that interesting! it is'nt filled with make up or fashionable goodies. it is in fact full of random crap!!

 My bag, 
I love this bag, its leather look with a faux fur envelope. 
I got this off ebay and it goes with everything!! 
I wear it with the long across body strap!
In my bag.
(from top left) 
*Hippie coin purse that I keep my cards,cash and coins in!! not very practical!
*vintage sunglasses I picked up from a local vintage emporium £5!
*Cath Kidston clear lipbalm, smells laaavely
*Collection 2000 nail varnish (angel wings). I haven't even tried this nail varnish yet! but a nice simple colour!
*A pack of kirby grips.. can NEVER have enough kirby grips!!
*The Hobbit book... Amazing if your a fan of the lord of the ring films or have any taste in books what soever!! 
*A list of wool i needed to get for my nan! 
*A pen and a knitting needle, not sure where the other needle is...
*My blackberry
* Olympus camera  I carry with me
*Hand gel! comes in handy!!
*My Asthma Inhaler.. probs the most important thing I own!!
*A tiny travel sewing kit. it contains a few needles, a few cotton bobbin and tiny scissors !

sooo... a pretty boring bag to all you fashion and beauty fanatics! To be fair I did remove the babies dummy and my daughters my little pony!!

I would saw my belongings are pretty random but everything has a purpose!!

Tell me Im not the only one who doesn't carry any make up with me! If you've done a version of this post let me know and ill check it out!



  1. I don't really carry make up around either unless I'm looking seriously unattractive in the morning and just know I'll need a top up. Thanks for visiting and following my blog, your blogs brilliant and you children are too cute. Now following back :)

    B xxx

    1. cheers love! I am so happy that you are following my blog!! I love yours!!

  2. that back is so cute!
    lovely blog, following.
    check mine out?xo