Saturday, 14 April 2012

In the wild...

hey dolls.
This week I've had my tattoo relined, said goodbye to a close friend of mine as she's packed up and moved to napa for the summer season, done a sneaky bit of shopping, put some unsuccessful bets on the grand national and today Ive had such a lovely day at Shepreth wildlife park with my specials. Its quite local to us and we've never been before so thought we'd give it a go. Its not like a proper zoo but there is a lot of different animals. My favourite was the bats, I have never ever seen a bat before so I was memorised by these tiny black creatures soaring above my head. All in all it was a lovely day!!
We didn't get many snaps as the sucky battery ran out (boooooo)

my beautiful daughter enjoying the slide!
( and yes I had a few goes)

Bengal Tiger sunbathing

my Mr

Amazing mosaic crocodile that was 
(featured in the film 'finding neverland')

cute little bunnie.

On my sneaky shopping trip I bought this BEAUT minty coloured spike bracelet from dotty p's for £4!!!
Amazing ... Right?

I'll no doubt feature my other purchases in later posts..