Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Cuff it!

Hey beauts!  
haven't posted for a few days simply because I have been mega sleepy and not got round to it!! But I have been seeing posts about 'Little Teacup'  all over the blogger world so I was curious to see what little treasures she had in store!

The website is really easy to use and there is lots of lovely bits on there! Payment is simple if you use paypal. 
It arrived in 2-3 days!! which I was very impressed with!!
Inside the envelope was this cute black and white stripe paper bag and inside that was a little leaflety card thing with a thankyou and offering free delivery on my next order!! (which is  cheap anyway at only £1.50 to uk)

I only ordered this ear cuff but I'm totally in love with it!! Its so simple but looks beaut on! (rubbish picture)

All in all I am super pleased with this purchase! would really recommend paying the website a visit (you can do that HERE)

I've got a few new bits from NewLook so I will post on them soon and have been raiding ebay for a few bargains, hopefully they will arrive soon also!

Hows every ones week been going?
x love me x