Monday, 2 April 2012

ear ear...

 Hi guys. I really like to dress my self in jewellery although I don't tend to buy it often! I don't really shop on the highstreet for my jewellery I usually find treasures in little hippy-esk or online shops and if I find something I like I wear the hell out of it! Here's a few snaps of the bits I wear pretty much everyday!

 Left ear - spike stud* silver&blue feather* cross earcuff
*small hoop            
  Right ear - silver tunnel(6mm)* small stud* cross earcuff.

bracelets - silver and black bangle* 'LOVE' beads and                
  silver/wooden bead both friendship strings* also includes 
  Casio watch, a few beaded ones and a few leather ones!! 

Left hand- peace symbol ring* Silver wedding band (over my husbands initials).
 Right hand- solid curved silver ring* silver and black ornate ring.

Hope you've enjoyed this insight into my jewellery collection!!

all comments welcome.


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