Thursday, 26 April 2012

I've got sunshine...

Hey beauts. Im pretty chuffed as Ive been nominated for the 'Sunshine Blog award'!! eeek!
Im very flattered that Starry Eyed nominated me for my first ever blog award! I love this chicks blog, you must check it out!!

Here goes...

1*Each tagged person must post seven to ten things about themselves.
2*You have to choose and tag 7 people.
3*Go to their blogs and tell them you tagged them

9 Facts:
* My favourite place is the sea side.
* I love to sew
* My wedding song was 'Loving you' by Minnie Riperton
* I have 7 tattoo's and planning my next!
* My Film Crush is Edward from Twilight.
* I haven't worn high heels for over a year
* I don't like Nando's  
* I wish I was a wizard
* I LOVE blogs!

7 Blogs I've nominated:

So... there you go! 

hope your all well.



  1. would love to see a post about your tattoos!
    Thank you for nominating me so much! x

  2. thanks for this honey! I dont like nando's either - i dont get it! hehe x

  3. WOW thanks for nominating me....Hmmm I best get thinking of things to say?? XXX

  4. Aw congrats on your award!! I've already done a post of my facts so don't want to risk boring everyone by doing it again, haha, but THANK YOU so much for nominating me, means a lot :) xx

  5. Thank you so much for nominating me! I wish I was a wizard too :( Haha
    I've already done a couple of posts with facts about me so I probably won't do it again but I will post about the award asap :) xx

  6. Wow! I love your blog, thank you very much for the sweet post on my blog, I have tie-dyed the shorts like you suggested and they look great!:) I am now following x