Friday, 18 May 2012

B.B cream,

well this is a different post to my usual! Its a kind of review slash recommendation! 

As a young lady with a love for fashion, my lack of beauty and make up knowledge is quite frankly a disgrace!
My make up collection comprises of 1 mascara, 2 eyeliners, a lip balm, eyebrow stuff, face powder which I don't use and a blusher!!  I know, I know, pretty rubbish! 
My skin tone is uneven and I have dark bits under my eyes (which I blame on a lack of sleep) but I also battle with dry skin so I have always been quite scared of wearing foundation
When I saw an advert on telle for a new 'BB'(blemish balm) cream I thought it was worth a go!!
The lovely lady in Boots advised me on a few different ones, This is what I chose!

This is Garnier skin naturals B.B. Cream, miracle Skin Protector.

It comes in two shades, I chose 'light' for me, but they do one a bit darker.
It costs £9.99 but was £7.49 on offer in Boots. (about middle of the price range on the ones I looked at)

Claims are * Evens tones and boosts glow, Blurs imperfections, Smooths, 24hours hydration.
Benefits are * SPF 15 UV protection, Vitamin C and mineral pigments, Dermatologically tested.

You apply this after cleansing and all that as you would a moisturiser, I literally used a pea size blob, rubbed it in the same way you would a foundation, it shows more colour than a usual tinted moisturiser but still has the smooth feeling. (unlike some foundations!)

I found it felt and looked lovely on my skin and really kept my dry patches (around my nose and my forehead) moist but didn't make me appear oily. I applied a blusher over the top and I was happy with the look all day!

I would really advise people in the same situation as me to try one of these B.B creams! and this is a great one to start with, I will defo buy it again!

Has anyone else tried this or a different B.B cream? what do you think?

Long time!

Hi guys! 
Firstly... yay its friday!!
Secondly... I apologise for my lack of posts this week! I have been uber busy/stressed/poorly/tiered. Every day I have worn outfits for my OOTD posts but the days have been so hetic that I haven't even taken any pictures! I am planning a 'My week in outfits' post, I'll try fit that in tomorrow! 
Thirdly... I have applied to start a year Access course at college in September, then hopefully can start uni the following September! So I am pretty excited about that!
Fourthly...I returned my beautiful biker jacket from topshop after coming to the conclusion that the sleeves were to long... BUT! I bought a even more beautiful one from Miss selfridge so happy days!
And lastly, I got some bargain black Levi's from ebay and am going to turn them into shorts.. would you like a 'HOW TO' post on this?

So! this is Ruby's OOTD from one day this week.. 
(I'm not making habit of this, I just so happen to have this 
picture on my phone as I am a snap happy proud mum!)

And Im also mega impressed with these bargain bits from Primark!!

Plimsoles* Primark £2.50
Heart leggings* Primark £2!!!!
Stripe jumper* Next

Happy Weekend to you all!
love me x

oh p.s! only 1 sleeps till I go to Harry Potter studio's 
wahhh I am too excited!

Thursday, 10 May 2012


Hey guys... another brief stop from me, hope everyone has had a fab week! nearly the weekend!! YAY!!
Thank you to all my new followers and all my lovely comments! I really apologise for the awful quality of my pictures, I am currently using my phone as I'm in between cameras!! But we've been making do!

Heres a few snaps of my outfit of today, pretty casual like every other outfit I guess!

Cardi* Ebay
Skirt* Ebay (old)
Crop tee* H&M

This outfit cost under £10 (without the boots!)

How else would you style this skirt?

bye x

Tuesday, 8 May 2012


hey guys. After seeing lots of posts about some fab handmade jewellery sites I decided to take a look, this time round Im posting about some bits from Wavy Handmade Jewellery ... 
Here goes :)

So.. I purchased these earrings from the site. 
They came in a cute leopard print paper bag, with a cool in-print sticker with my name on!
A pair of A-symmetrical cross earrings for £2.25! 
A pair of drop spikes for £2.50
That is TWO pairs for £4.25 + £1.50 p&p. I LOVE both pairs!
I think that they are great quality for the price! I like wearing the long chain cross on its own as well as with the small cross earring! (see in previous posts)

I deffo recommend this website for unique pieces of jewellery to add to your collections!!

What do you guys think? 
Can you advise me on any other handmade jewellery websites?

Love me x

Sunday, 6 May 2012

I want to go to the sea side...

Hey lovelies. 
Today we went off to the sea side, We didn't really have any plan of were we where going to visit along the Norfolk coast but we ended up in Hunstanton and then popped to Wells. It wasn't raining to heavy and I just feel so at peace when I can see and smell the sea! (even though the tide was out!)
In Hunstanton, we had a wonder round the small town shops, had doughnuts on the beach and played some old school arcade amusements. We drove onto Wells and the Mr and I enjoyed some amazing fish and chips in the harbour.

Here's a few snaps!

The MR driving there!!

Tee*Topshop | Parka*Primark(old) | Jeans*Primark | DM's |
(Sorry about my puzzled facial expression!)

Beautiful display outside a treasure cave 
of a shop called 'Horizon gifts'

A wooden toadstool and two glass hearts I purchased 

Delisious sweetshop, that stocked everything 
from jelly beans to Lucky charms cereal!

We got some yummy sweets but scoffed them before I could 
take a picture but we did get an old school vanilla coke!!

A small pavilion on the seafront which hosted 
live band, Two cool old timers that performed 
hits like 'I'm a believer' (The monkeys)

Me trying my hardest (and getting frustrated) 
trying to win a peppa pig toy!

Hunstanton Windy Seafront!

The harbour at Wells. The tide was also out here, 
so it looked like some sort of boat graveyard! 

The yummiest Cod and chips... 
and gerkin I have ever had!

So that was our day... kinda sad that we had to come home! But looking forward to the week ahead :)

Hope you have enjoyed your Sunday too. 
Have any of you guys been these beaches? and can any of you recommend any other small coastal villages. 

love me x 

Friday, 4 May 2012


hey guys, Ive been pretty lame at posting this week again as I feel like crap!! not managed a outfit post or anything!!! Terrible! 
This is much of an improvement, but at least I'm posting... right?
Because I haven't really been out much, I havent made it to the shops... but I did pick up a few bits...
3 shirts. White and Black stripe, White sleveless, Grey denim 
local charity around £6!

Daisy print button front dress
Ebay. 99p!!!

Floral print dip hem midi skirt
Newlook online sale. £22 down to £7!

Shiny black dip hem skirt
Newlook online sale £16.99 down to £6!

Skull and stud skinny belt
Newlook online sale £3.99 down to £2.50

I also got a beaut blaizer I posted already! 
and a cardigan 99p
black Levi chords 99p
black leather bag £1.20 
grey stud tee 99p
black scallop vest £2.99
and 2 pairs of harry potter glasses!!(all ebay)
Black leather biker jacket £55 topshop
Will probs post on most of the stuff when it arrives!!

Also. I am mega pee'd off as I ordered some acid wash jeans from Newlook for £25, the didn't fit as I wanted so I took them back to the shop and thought I'd order a smaller size and when I went online later that day, they had effing sold out! HOW ANNOYING!!!
Can any of you beauts advise on where I can grab a decent pair?
Me and my Mr are off to the Norfolk seaside on Sunday.. 
I know, I know... Sea side in this weather? Well yes! I enjoy being near the sea in the rain rather than the sun, mainly because its so peaceful. Im looking forward to fish and chips cuddles to keep warm!!

Hows everyones week been? Got much planned over the weekend?


Tuesday, 1 May 2012


hey guys.. how every ones Tuesday been? I cant post a OOTD today because... well mainly because Ive been in bed all day and I didn't think you'd like to see me in an old batman tee and holey leggings!! 
However... I do have something great to share with you all. An old work pal of mine and fellow blogger Scarlett Rebecca
happens to have an AMAZING skill. When I browse her blog and facebook I find myself going green with envy over the detail she crams into her beautiful illustrations!! 
I can stretch to drawing a cat or a stick man when Ruby asks but if you want to see some real pencil and paper inspiration please take a look at her blog!! 

Not only am I opening your eyes to this talented human bean but I am also going to post a picture she drew of ME!!!

This is based on a photo of me and I am so very impressed with it.

She's a genius, right?

love me.


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