Tuesday, 1 May 2012


hey guys.. how every ones Tuesday been? I cant post a OOTD today because... well mainly because Ive been in bed all day and I didn't think you'd like to see me in an old batman tee and holey leggings!! 
However... I do have something great to share with you all. An old work pal of mine and fellow blogger Scarlett Rebecca
happens to have an AMAZING skill. When I browse her blog and facebook I find myself going green with envy over the detail she crams into her beautiful illustrations!! 
I can stretch to drawing a cat or a stick man when Ruby asks but if you want to see some real pencil and paper inspiration please take a look at her blog!! 

Not only am I opening your eyes to this talented human bean but I am also going to post a picture she drew of ME!!!

This is based on a photo of me and I am so very impressed with it.

She's a genius, right?

love me.


  1. Aw Esme you're so kind! Glad you like it! Happy to contribute to your awesome blog :) x x

  2. Lovely drawing, Im now following you!


  3. This is gorgeous, such a defining illustration! Cute!:)