Saturday, 31 March 2012

Today is the day!!!

Harry Potter Warner Bros studio has opened its magical doors to the public TODAY!!
The studio is in Leavesden, near Watford (Hertfordshire). 

For real Harry Potter heads this is a dream follow on to the amazing films!! As some fans will be devestated of the story ending, this is offering us all an insight into the decade of hard work and giving us a extra treat where we can relive our favourite moments.
WarnerBros studio tour!

The tour icludes
*Visiting the actual Great Hall
*Walking down the famous cobbles of Diagon Alley
*Seeing iconic props from the films, including Harry’s Nimbus 2000
and plenty more to satisfy your harry potter cravings!!

Specialis Revelio...

I am SO bloody excited to say that I have my tickets booked for may 25th (it can not come quick enough!!!) Me and the bessie will be attending in glasses, robes and drawn on lightning scars!! eeekkkk!
I will post a review and pictures after my visit!

check out more at

what do you think of this tour? would you go?

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Friday, 30 March 2012

A week of cold!

Hi guys. this is my first post for a week as I've been feeling pretty erm... blurgh? suffering with a head cold and all that usual rubbish! SO...This week has mostly consisted of feeling sorry for myself, resting and online shopping. I'm eagerly awaiting a Newlook parcel and a few bits from ebay!! YAY!!

I did manage to find the energy for a sneaky trip to Primark. Mainly to buy my daughter some new pumps but I also bought myself to a few bits to.

1. Sunglasses, there kind of leopard print, and great shape too. bargain for £1
2. Shirt dress, its denim look but is a very light cotton. £10
3. outfit idea. On a sunny day... I would pair these two with my trusty snake skin bag and this cool pair of snake skin sandels
On a cold day... tights, cardigan and doc martens will look fab!

I also purchased a  grey midi dress that is Primarks version of the Topshop cap sleeve midi.I'm not happy with the fit so I'm going to return it. 

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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Sunny Days...

hey guys... today was such a beaut day! me and the peanuts went round to see a friend of mine for some lunch, we had tuna pasta and salad, after dropping her at work we returned home to play in the garden for the afternoon! all in all, a good day!
this weather makes me get rather SNAP happy!!!
here are some pictures from today!

1.the stunning church out the back of my friends house!
2.hello mr mini egg <3
3. the Hobbit book and a picking line of daisies, ready to be made into oldschool daisy chains!!
(perfect summer activities)
4.maybe mable. my crochet kittie
5.stone gargle at the front of my rents house!
(basically part of the fam!) 

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Wednesday, 21 March 2012


My apologies for this random blog (yawn). 
I am sitting up later than I should be... again! wishing I'd spent the last 3 hours indulging in the first of the 'Lord of the Rings' films... 
...Annnnnnd then I suddenly remembered that a brand new film by the director of the 'LOTR' trilogy is coming out this year!            HOOOORRAAAAY!
okay,okay, so we all have to wait until December 2012 BUT in the mean time I am going to dig out the book (I started it last year, but it has been slung back on the bookshelf, due to lack of reading time!) Also I will daily pine over this film poster.

I am SO freaking excited!

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March wish list...

Hi guys! 
Trying to save for the deposit for our dream home seemed like the best thing for me and my MR to do.... although now we have committed to this I find myself gazing through various websites for hours, hunting for items of clothing, jewellery and just general STUFF! 
I love stuff! 
I long for a mega shopping trip! but for now here is a selection of items I just couldnt keep to myslef!!
enjoy... studded purse.TOPSHOP.£16
2.high waisted stripe hotpants.EBAY.£4.95
3.super COOL snakeskin hightops.NEWLOOK£12.99!!
4.flannel PJ set.CATH KIDSTON.£50
(the ultimate bedtime luxury) 
5.cute UNICORN crop tee.TOPSHOP.£16
6.AMAZING poppy peace sign pendant.EBAY£2.99
(biggest bargain!)

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Monday, 19 March 2012

Morning :)

                ITS the WAY OF LIFE . . .


My life in photo's...

hey! a quick intro, I'm Esme. 22, wife to my MR and mum of two beautiful children. apart from them I love music, fashion, craft, tattoos, films, tea, peace, the sea.

So guys... after starting my first ever blog a few weeks back I have been trying to decide whether to scrap that and start again.
I decided to go with my instinct so here goes...
This is my second attempt at my first post!

I'm sure not a photographer but I love to take a photo! 
A few snaps to introduce myself to anyone who cares :)

Hope you enjoy the picture like I enjoy the memory!

queen of the castle...
beach kisses
 i heart the sea
 some of my ink 


if you go down to the woods today...

my beautiful peanuts

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