Thursday, 22 March 2012

Sunny Days...

hey guys... today was such a beaut day! me and the peanuts went round to see a friend of mine for some lunch, we had tuna pasta and salad, after dropping her at work we returned home to play in the garden for the afternoon! all in all, a good day!
this weather makes me get rather SNAP happy!!!
here are some pictures from today!

1.the stunning church out the back of my friends house!
2.hello mr mini egg <3
3. the Hobbit book and a picking line of daisies, ready to be made into oldschool daisy chains!!
(perfect summer activities)
4.maybe mable. my crochet kittie
5.stone gargle at the front of my rents house!
(basically part of the fam!) 

all comments welcome


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