Wednesday, 21 March 2012

March wish list...

Hi guys! 
Trying to save for the deposit for our dream home seemed like the best thing for me and my MR to do.... although now we have committed to this I find myself gazing through various websites for hours, hunting for items of clothing, jewellery and just general STUFF! 
I love stuff! 
I long for a mega shopping trip! but for now here is a selection of items I just couldnt keep to myslef!!
enjoy... studded purse.TOPSHOP.£16
2.high waisted stripe hotpants.EBAY.£4.95
3.super COOL snakeskin hightops.NEWLOOK£12.99!!
4.flannel PJ set.CATH KIDSTON.£50
(the ultimate bedtime luxury) 
5.cute UNICORN crop tee.TOPSHOP.£16
6.AMAZING poppy peace sign pendant.EBAY£2.99
(biggest bargain!)

all comments welcome.

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