Sunday, 29 April 2012

sunday show #005

hiiii guys, sorry for the lack of posts, Ive been abit under the weather and I have two poorly babies too!! :(
I haven't done anything exciting this weekend, just chilled and had dinner with the in laws again today!
Here's some quick snaps of my OOTD

 Sheer shirt * Newlook 
Leggings * Primark
Tweed Blazer * Charity shop
Snakeskin Chelsea boots * Topshop
Silk Scarf  * Vintage
Faux fur collar * DPs
Snakeskin bag * Miss selfridge (old!)
socks * newlook 
Single feather earing * cant remember but I love it!

I got this blazer the other day from a local charity shop! I love it!! Ive wanted a tweed blazer for ages so i was so happy when I found this beaut! It was £9.99 which I thought was abit steap for the Charity shop but its a bargain for this 'Country Casuals' jacket

Im in love with these boots, I got them before Christmas from toppy and they are mega comfy! I think they where only £36 which is sooo good! Gutted they didn't have the red ones in stock too!

I got the fur collar for £5 in the DP's sale! WHAT A BARGAIN! I wear it with chunky knit cardigans and coats!

Finally I bought this bag ages ago for £15 in  a Miss selfridge sale. I'm talking like 3 or 4 years back!! It is on its way out with a huge tear in the lining and the wire is hanging out the bottom but I still drag it around with me!! I will probly post about it at some point!

Woah.. lots of typing, sorry if I bored you!

Have a good week beauts.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

I've got sunshine...

Hey beauts. Im pretty chuffed as Ive been nominated for the 'Sunshine Blog award'!! eeek!
Im very flattered that Starry Eyed nominated me for my first ever blog award! I love this chicks blog, you must check it out!!

Here goes...

1*Each tagged person must post seven to ten things about themselves.
2*You have to choose and tag 7 people.
3*Go to their blogs and tell them you tagged them

9 Facts:
* My favourite place is the sea side.
* I love to sew
* My wedding song was 'Loving you' by Minnie Riperton
* I have 7 tattoo's and planning my next!
* My Film Crush is Edward from Twilight.
* I haven't worn high heels for over a year
* I don't like Nando's  
* I wish I was a wizard
* I LOVE blogs!

7 Blogs I've nominated:

So... there you go! 

hope your all well.


Wednesday, 25 April 2012

leather bitches...

Sooo, a little while back I sold my leather jacket on ebay as I felt it didn't fit how I desired.. and now I feel lost without it! I'm in desperate need of a new one, preferably black and 'biker' style. I have searched all over the web for one and really like the Topshop leatherette version for £55 but would rather try and find a real leather one. 

Can any of you beautiful bloggers recommend one? 
I would be so grateful as I'm struggling to find what I really want without spending hundreds!!


Cuff it!

Hey beauts!  
haven't posted for a few days simply because I have been mega sleepy and not got round to it!! But I have been seeing posts about 'Little Teacup'  all over the blogger world so I was curious to see what little treasures she had in store!

The website is really easy to use and there is lots of lovely bits on there! Payment is simple if you use paypal. 
It arrived in 2-3 days!! which I was very impressed with!!
Inside the envelope was this cute black and white stripe paper bag and inside that was a little leaflety card thing with a thankyou and offering free delivery on my next order!! (which is  cheap anyway at only £1.50 to uk)

I only ordered this ear cuff but I'm totally in love with it!! Its so simple but looks beaut on! (rubbish picture)

All in all I am super pleased with this purchase! would really recommend paying the website a visit (you can do that HERE)

I've got a few new bits from NewLook so I will post on them soon and have been raiding ebay for a few bargains, hopefully they will arrive soon also!

Hows every ones week been going?
x love me x

Sunday, 22 April 2012

sunday show #004

Hey guys, today has been another chilled day with the famalam. 
We have had a beaut roast and some scrummy banana cake made by my mother-in-law... Here's some snaps of my outfit.

 Grey midi dress * Primark
Acidwash faux leather gilet * Primark
Skull scarf * Primark
Hem tights * Topshop
DM's + Jewellery mentioned before.

I love this dress, its so comfy and versatile. Its the primark copy of a Topshop classic, but for a bargain at £10!! I've paired it with this rocky gilet and skull scarf which are also Primark copies so this outfit (minus the dm's and jewellery) came to £27!!

Also... I have tried some nail art (if I can call it that)
I rarely wear nail varnish on my fingers because I am an ashamed nail biter. A cross was about all I could manage!! 

I have used collection 2000-angelwings and 
missguided-sparkly black, (I've posted about previously)
I would not recommend the collection 2000, it was mega gloopy!!

can anyone advise any easy designs I could try for my nails because I LOVE every ones cool nail posts!

love esme.

Friday, 20 April 2012

hippie hippie shake...

Here is another trend post I have shoved together, this week I am sharing Hippie pictures. 
There are many different hippie fashions...
I Imagen a headband wearing, bare footed lady with draped skirts and waistcoats, covered in flowers and not a care in the world...

I wish I was a hippie with a flower in my hair.... 


Its raining, Its pouring...

hey guys, 
so everyone is moaning about the rain but Ruby and I have made the most of it... We've been to feed the ducks and swans at a beautiful lake near us!

The lake.. this is in someones back garden, but there is also a nature trail walk that public are welcome to use!

A big Swan. 

Ruby jumping in the puddles with her cool wellies on, 
I on the other hand went in white pimsoles but 
couldn't resist joining in with Roo! 

There is something so peaceful and idealistic about a lake in the rain.. 

Where now enjoying a hot choc in bed!

esme x

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Whats in my Bag...

hey beauts. I've seen this post a few times recently so I thought I'd join in.. 
Only the stuff in my bag are not that interesting! it is'nt filled with make up or fashionable goodies. it is in fact full of random crap!!

 My bag, 
I love this bag, its leather look with a faux fur envelope. 
I got this off ebay and it goes with everything!! 
I wear it with the long across body strap!
In my bag.
(from top left) 
*Hippie coin purse that I keep my cards,cash and coins in!! not very practical!
*vintage sunglasses I picked up from a local vintage emporium £5!
*Cath Kidston clear lipbalm, smells laaavely
*Collection 2000 nail varnish (angel wings). I haven't even tried this nail varnish yet! but a nice simple colour!
*A pack of kirby grips.. can NEVER have enough kirby grips!!
*The Hobbit book... Amazing if your a fan of the lord of the ring films or have any taste in books what soever!! 
*A list of wool i needed to get for my nan! 
*A pen and a knitting needle, not sure where the other needle is...
*My blackberry
* Olympus camera  I carry with me
*Hand gel! comes in handy!!
*My Asthma Inhaler.. probs the most important thing I own!!
*A tiny travel sewing kit. it contains a few needles, a few cotton bobbin and tiny scissors !

sooo... a pretty boring bag to all you fashion and beauty fanatics! To be fair I did remove the babies dummy and my daughters my little pony!!

I would saw my belongings are pretty random but everything has a purpose!!

Tell me Im not the only one who doesn't carry any make up with me! If you've done a version of this post let me know and ill check it out!


Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Expose yourself to your deepest fear.
  after that...fear has no power, 
and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. 
     ...You are FREE

Jim Morrison.


hi guys. Quick post of my OOTD!!
(purely because my friend snapped me 
in this pose and i kinda like the pic)

Headscarf * Cath Kidston
Cardigan * Charity 
Beatles vest* H&M
Belt* Vintage
Jeans *Primark
Plimpsoles* OLD!!!
Cat not included!

Peace out x

Tuesday, 17 April 2012


hey beauts... Today me and the Sis popped over to our local Cath Kidston store, its at her big factory so everything is cheaper then in the normal shops! how awesome is that!?!?

Heres a few sneaky pics I took!!

gaahhh... I want my wardrobe to look like this...
Beautiful Cath Kidston clothes!
Cath Fabric 
 Cute little crates that are all around the shop with vintage bits and bobs in.
(bad photo)
 Sewing display 
(bad photo)
My favourite Cath Kidston print.
Its kids dinosaur print but I want  a bag made from it! 
I bought these goodies! 
*2 bibs(cowboy print for my boy and a floral one 
for my bessie who is due to have a little girl)
* polka dot and floral hanky( head scarf to you and me!)
*blue floral oil cloth make up pouch. 

In this store there isn't her whole range, its a lot of the popular stuff and a few damaged goods from the factory and the stock changes every week. its definitely worth a visit if your local as the discounts are pretty good!!

I better crack on as I have some crafting to do for a pal. 

love me x

Sunday, 15 April 2012

sunday show #003

hey guys. had another chilled sunday at the inlaws today. Here's a few snaps of  my outfit...

Velvet blazer * Ebay
Leggings * probably Primark
Crochet vest * newlook
Head scarf * Vintage

Please excuse these poor photos, my mum had to take them and quite frankly she isnt as good as my normal photographer
(sorry mum).
This purchased  this vest this week and i love it, its so casual and feels really light, it looks lovely tucked into a highwaisted maxi skirt!
what do you think of the crochet/knitted vest look? 


Saturday, 14 April 2012

In the wild...

hey dolls.
This week I've had my tattoo relined, said goodbye to a close friend of mine as she's packed up and moved to napa for the summer season, done a sneaky bit of shopping, put some unsuccessful bets on the grand national and today Ive had such a lovely day at Shepreth wildlife park with my specials. Its quite local to us and we've never been before so thought we'd give it a go. Its not like a proper zoo but there is a lot of different animals. My favourite was the bats, I have never ever seen a bat before so I was memorised by these tiny black creatures soaring above my head. All in all it was a lovely day!!
We didn't get many snaps as the sucky battery ran out (boooooo)

my beautiful daughter enjoying the slide!
( and yes I had a few goes)

Bengal Tiger sunbathing

my Mr

Amazing mosaic crocodile that was 
(featured in the film 'finding neverland')

cute little bunnie.

On my sneaky shopping trip I bought this BEAUT minty coloured spike bracelet from dotty p's for £4!!!
Amazing ... Right?

I'll no doubt feature my other purchases in later posts..


Wednesday, 11 April 2012


hello beautiful people!
hope all you guys have enjoyed your Wednesday..  I have had the most perfect day with my two cousins, watching our little girls play like we played together 20years ago! there bloody amazing!! *proud,soppy moment*

Also I was very excited when I returned home to this chunky package...

YAY!! new DMs!!! These are smooth matt black 8 hole 1460 Dr Martens!! in size 6 and they turned up today brand spanking new!!! :) I cant wait to wear them tomorrow. I find that DMs go with ANYTHING? jeans, shorts, summer dresses! Im sure these beauts will be featured in every OOTD posts!!!
What do you think? 

lastly but not least... I have reached 10 followers! ok,ok ... I am aware that this is a very small amount but its 10 people (in a few weeks)who have decided they give a toss what I babble on about!! every one starts somewhere aye :) so a big thankyou to you guys, and everyone that views my blog and that is hopefully going to jump on my broomstick and take a fly with me!

This is for you guys. haha. i love my smiley fingers 
(and...I love that Im a loser)