Sunday, 22 April 2012

sunday show #004

Hey guys, today has been another chilled day with the famalam. 
We have had a beaut roast and some scrummy banana cake made by my mother-in-law... Here's some snaps of my outfit.

 Grey midi dress * Primark
Acidwash faux leather gilet * Primark
Skull scarf * Primark
Hem tights * Topshop
DM's + Jewellery mentioned before.

I love this dress, its so comfy and versatile. Its the primark copy of a Topshop classic, but for a bargain at £10!! I've paired it with this rocky gilet and skull scarf which are also Primark copies so this outfit (minus the dm's and jewellery) came to £27!!

Also... I have tried some nail art (if I can call it that)
I rarely wear nail varnish on my fingers because I am an ashamed nail biter. A cross was about all I could manage!! 

I have used collection 2000-angelwings and 
missguided-sparkly black, (I've posted about previously)
I would not recommend the collection 2000, it was mega gloopy!!

can anyone advise any easy designs I could try for my nails because I LOVE every ones cool nail posts!

love esme.


  1. I have that midi dress, looks great paired with the skull scarf! I love it! xo

  2. loveee this outfit! your tats are so nice!! x

  3. I totally love this outfit, would definitely wear this myself - did you get the Primark dress recently? I really like it! Love your tattoo on your finger, it looks awesome. X

    1. yer I got the dress in the last couple of weeks. thanks for the follow i love your blog!! x

  4. love your style! Really like the scarf and gillet, Primark is one of my favourite shops because they manage to rip off higher end shops but for a fraction of the price! Xx

  5. Loving the DM's!! I need a pair in my life!!



  6. lovely outfit and great nails!
    if you go back on wavy the necklace will be on there, i spoke to kate and she didnt realise it said sold out so you can buy one now if you like :)

    1. ahh thank you sooo much for that, im going to order it!!

  7. Hi hun, great post!! following you too :=)