Sunday, 8 April 2012

sunday show #002

hey guys, happy Easter to everyone!  hope your all enjoying the long weekend, last night me and the Mr went for an Indian and a few drinks and today I've had a lazy day with the kiddies at the in laws,  eating a roast lamb dinner and a silly amount of yummy chocolate... resulting in me now feeling pretty gross!!
here's a few OOTD pics. 

my outfit today :)
highwaist crack effect leggings* ebay

denim shirt (customised)* f+f at tesco(old)

drop armhole cross vest* ebay

plimpsoles* newlook(very old!!)

bag* ebay

jewellery all mentioned before!

The pics aren't that clear and you cant really see the texture of my leggings but you get the jist of outfit!
These plimpsoles are so comfy i wear them all the time, with anything!! 

all comments welcome



  1. Thanks for your comments!! Following you back lovely. I got it in the topshop on Oxford street, haven't seen it in the average topshop stores but you might get lucky but yeah it was only a few days ago. x

  2. P.S. LOVE this look - especially loving your tattoos!