Monday, 9 April 2012

punk it up...

hey guys, hope everybody has enjoyed the easter weekend and your not too sad that its back to routine tomorrow!! I am SO happy my life will return to normal as of  6.30 am ish!! as some will know I do not have a ordinary job however I do have a little girl aged 2and 5months and a baby boy aged 6and half months (Ruby and Charlie peanut) And this is bloody hard work!! (but with a million benefits!!) Over the last four days the Mr has been off work so of course our routine has flew out the window!! Its all been good fun though!

Enough of the babble...Im guna try something new here and do a 'trend' post. this week Im sharing some awesome PUNK looks! This is one of my faves. Although I don't fit into any category (punk, hippie, sporty) I do like to steal ideas that tickle my fashion fancy! 


what do you think of the original punk look? do you prefer the modern take? what is your fave PUNK fashion item, pattern or pic?

All comments welcome



  1. love all these pictures x

  2. I love punk style! I used to have these boots as well :D

  3. I just started following you

  4. С интересом читаю ваш блог))
    Заходите в гости))

  5. Those are so pretty awesome jeans in the first picture!

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog earlier and for the nice comment! :) I am in love with the first picture of the runway looks! I would definitely rock those looks! I'm now following, so hope to see you visit me again! xx