Wednesday, 11 April 2012


hello beautiful people!
hope all you guys have enjoyed your Wednesday..  I have had the most perfect day with my two cousins, watching our little girls play like we played together 20years ago! there bloody amazing!! *proud,soppy moment*

Also I was very excited when I returned home to this chunky package...

YAY!! new DMs!!! These are smooth matt black 8 hole 1460 Dr Martens!! in size 6 and they turned up today brand spanking new!!! :) I cant wait to wear them tomorrow. I find that DMs go with ANYTHING? jeans, shorts, summer dresses! Im sure these beauts will be featured in every OOTD posts!!!
What do you think? 

lastly but not least... I have reached 10 followers! ok,ok ... I am aware that this is a very small amount but its 10 people (in a few weeks)who have decided they give a toss what I babble on about!! every one starts somewhere aye :) so a big thankyou to you guys, and everyone that views my blog and that is hopefully going to jump on my broomstick and take a fly with me!

This is for you guys. haha. i love my smiley fingers 
(and...I love that Im a loser)



  1. I love Doc Martens! I wish I had black ones, I have patent cherry red ones which I love but they are a bit hard to match with things haha xx

  2. Ive had mine (eight hole) for 23 years (I havnt worn them for about 15 except once in a while) but I wouldnt part with them. I wonder if that is a record for holding on to a pair of boots??? My claim to fame is the lead singer of Napalm Death stood on my foot at a gig so I couldnt possibly get rid of them LOL! Anyway, enjoy your DM's

  3. Nice shoes!

    If you want, check out my blog:

  4. Love the DMs!


  5. Lovely blog.