Monday, 11 February 2013

I am rubbish!

Woah!!! Hello to all the guys who still follow this blog! Needless to say that I gave up on it! With the kids and everything else going on in my life I just can't find the time to dedicate to my blog. I have upgraded my phone and am now using Instagram if any of you little loves want to follow me on there as I know a lot of bloggers use it! My user thingy is esmelove89.  It for me is just so much easier/quicker to post a picture than have to get my laptop out! I will be returning to the world of blog but for now... Adios

Monday, 18 June 2012


hey Chickies... hope you are all feeling happy! I am, I had a lovely day with the Mr and our kiddies yesterday for fathers day.
 Today we popped over to our local Matalan to grab ruby some socks and look for storage. ( yawn...) but some of the clothes in there are really cute at the moment! I didn't buy anything but am definitely going to go back when Ive got more time! 
Here is my OOTD

Beatles yellow submarine crop tee * H&M
Dip hem skirt * Newlook
PU gilet * Primark

I bought this crop tee a few years ago from h&m and have never really worn it as I have a slight phobia of yellow clothes LOL.
But i absolutely love this print, its so cool so I decided to pair it with the gilet and DMs to rock it up a bit! Also you cant really see it but I got my ears pierced for the 3rd time and now I want the next hole done.. ahhh when will I stop!!

Im going to spend the night trying to decide an appropriate outfit for me to wear for Ruby's pre school open day tomorrow, reading all your lovely blogs and biting my nails with nerves because I am waiting to hear back from my uni interview!

esme x

Thursday, 14 June 2012


hello!!! This is a quick OOTD .. but for yesterday!!

tee* h&m
Levi shorts and scarf* vintage 
belt and parka* Primark(old)
and my new converse baby!!

We took advantage of the warm weather and spend the afternoon at our local adventure park, 
Charlie, Ruby and me <3

how are you all! Yay, its Friday tomorrow!!!!

love me x

Monday, 11 June 2012

Converse baby

Hello chicky's... 
Today I had an interview for an access to social sciences course, there was a presentation and a quick Maths and English test. I kinda just guessed my whole way through the Maths and rambled on about crap in the English!! Also I only re-red the letter this morning and discovered that I also had to take a 200 word written statement... so I did this in the college car park at 8.45am! Probs not the best way to get back into education! 
Oh well, hopefully its enough to get on the course. 

This is what I wore 
Tshirt mini dress * Primark (borrowed)
Brogues * Primark (old)
Bag * Miso (old)
Oh gaad!! please excuse the rubbish photo! The Mr was in a 
rush and just managed to snap this blurry excuse for a photo!
When I got home, this little package had arrived!

YAYA!!!! Brand spanking new converse! 

Now this rain needs to pee off so I can wear them!! I decided to go with high tops as I have a million pairs of normal white plimsolls!

Also guys I have been told to take up swimming and water therapy to help my back, but I am very conscious of my baby belly, can any of you recommend a nice high waisted bikini? 
Hope your all feeling amazing despite this ruddy rain!
esme x

Sunday, 10 June 2012


hi beauts. im suppose to be doinG some last minute prep for my uni interview tomorrow but Ive got sidetracted by some beautiful 'flatform' sandles on newlook, there in there branded section and are awesome!! 

These beauts are 'Bronx' and are on sale for £48!! 
They are so fricking cool! I love how simple they are. 
and the chunky heel and ankle strap look super sexy!

After some browsing I found some other alternatives!

1*ASOS.Wistful £65
2* ASOS.Pollini for Louise £495
4*ASOS Peter Jensen. £195

What do you guys think?

love esme.

Friday, 18 May 2012

B.B cream,

well this is a different post to my usual! Its a kind of review slash recommendation! 

As a young lady with a love for fashion, my lack of beauty and make up knowledge is quite frankly a disgrace!
My make up collection comprises of 1 mascara, 2 eyeliners, a lip balm, eyebrow stuff, face powder which I don't use and a blusher!!  I know, I know, pretty rubbish! 
My skin tone is uneven and I have dark bits under my eyes (which I blame on a lack of sleep) but I also battle with dry skin so I have always been quite scared of wearing foundation
When I saw an advert on telle for a new 'BB'(blemish balm) cream I thought it was worth a go!!
The lovely lady in Boots advised me on a few different ones, This is what I chose!

This is Garnier skin naturals B.B. Cream, miracle Skin Protector.

It comes in two shades, I chose 'light' for me, but they do one a bit darker.
It costs £9.99 but was £7.49 on offer in Boots. (about middle of the price range on the ones I looked at)

Claims are * Evens tones and boosts glow, Blurs imperfections, Smooths, 24hours hydration.
Benefits are * SPF 15 UV protection, Vitamin C and mineral pigments, Dermatologically tested.

You apply this after cleansing and all that as you would a moisturiser, I literally used a pea size blob, rubbed it in the same way you would a foundation, it shows more colour than a usual tinted moisturiser but still has the smooth feeling. (unlike some foundations!)

I found it felt and looked lovely on my skin and really kept my dry patches (around my nose and my forehead) moist but didn't make me appear oily. I applied a blusher over the top and I was happy with the look all day!

I would really advise people in the same situation as me to try one of these B.B creams! and this is a great one to start with, I will defo buy it again!

Has anyone else tried this or a different B.B cream? what do you think?

Long time!

Hi guys! 
Firstly... yay its friday!!
Secondly... I apologise for my lack of posts this week! I have been uber busy/stressed/poorly/tiered. Every day I have worn outfits for my OOTD posts but the days have been so hetic that I haven't even taken any pictures! I am planning a 'My week in outfits' post, I'll try fit that in tomorrow! 
Thirdly... I have applied to start a year Access course at college in September, then hopefully can start uni the following September! So I am pretty excited about that!
Fourthly...I returned my beautiful biker jacket from topshop after coming to the conclusion that the sleeves were to long... BUT! I bought a even more beautiful one from Miss selfridge so happy days!
And lastly, I got some bargain black Levi's from ebay and am going to turn them into shorts.. would you like a 'HOW TO' post on this?

So! this is Ruby's OOTD from one day this week.. 
(I'm not making habit of this, I just so happen to have this 
picture on my phone as I am a snap happy proud mum!)

And Im also mega impressed with these bargain bits from Primark!!

Plimsoles* Primark £2.50
Heart leggings* Primark £2!!!!
Stripe jumper* Next

Happy Weekend to you all!
love me x

oh p.s! only 1 sleeps till I go to Harry Potter studio's 
wahhh I am too excited!