Monday, 18 June 2012


hey Chickies... hope you are all feeling happy! I am, I had a lovely day with the Mr and our kiddies yesterday for fathers day.
 Today we popped over to our local Matalan to grab ruby some socks and look for storage. ( yawn...) but some of the clothes in there are really cute at the moment! I didn't buy anything but am definitely going to go back when Ive got more time! 
Here is my OOTD

Beatles yellow submarine crop tee * H&M
Dip hem skirt * Newlook
PU gilet * Primark

I bought this crop tee a few years ago from h&m and have never really worn it as I have a slight phobia of yellow clothes LOL.
But i absolutely love this print, its so cool so I decided to pair it with the gilet and DMs to rock it up a bit! Also you cant really see it but I got my ears pierced for the 3rd time and now I want the next hole done.. ahhh when will I stop!!

Im going to spend the night trying to decide an appropriate outfit for me to wear for Ruby's pre school open day tomorrow, reading all your lovely blogs and biting my nails with nerves because I am waiting to hear back from my uni interview!

esme x