Friday, 18 May 2012

B.B cream,

well this is a different post to my usual! Its a kind of review slash recommendation! 

As a young lady with a love for fashion, my lack of beauty and make up knowledge is quite frankly a disgrace!
My make up collection comprises of 1 mascara, 2 eyeliners, a lip balm, eyebrow stuff, face powder which I don't use and a blusher!!  I know, I know, pretty rubbish! 
My skin tone is uneven and I have dark bits under my eyes (which I blame on a lack of sleep) but I also battle with dry skin so I have always been quite scared of wearing foundation
When I saw an advert on telle for a new 'BB'(blemish balm) cream I thought it was worth a go!!
The lovely lady in Boots advised me on a few different ones, This is what I chose!

This is Garnier skin naturals B.B. Cream, miracle Skin Protector.

It comes in two shades, I chose 'light' for me, but they do one a bit darker.
It costs £9.99 but was £7.49 on offer in Boots. (about middle of the price range on the ones I looked at)

Claims are * Evens tones and boosts glow, Blurs imperfections, Smooths, 24hours hydration.
Benefits are * SPF 15 UV protection, Vitamin C and mineral pigments, Dermatologically tested.

You apply this after cleansing and all that as you would a moisturiser, I literally used a pea size blob, rubbed it in the same way you would a foundation, it shows more colour than a usual tinted moisturiser but still has the smooth feeling. (unlike some foundations!)

I found it felt and looked lovely on my skin and really kept my dry patches (around my nose and my forehead) moist but didn't make me appear oily. I applied a blusher over the top and I was happy with the look all day!

I would really advise people in the same situation as me to try one of these B.B creams! and this is a great one to start with, I will defo buy it again!

Has anyone else tried this or a different B.B cream? what do you think?


  1. great review, I've wanted to try this for a while and now I think I will:)

  2. Lovely review, i need to try this :).

    Sadie x