Sunday, 6 May 2012

I want to go to the sea side...

Hey lovelies. 
Today we went off to the sea side, We didn't really have any plan of were we where going to visit along the Norfolk coast but we ended up in Hunstanton and then popped to Wells. It wasn't raining to heavy and I just feel so at peace when I can see and smell the sea! (even though the tide was out!)
In Hunstanton, we had a wonder round the small town shops, had doughnuts on the beach and played some old school arcade amusements. We drove onto Wells and the Mr and I enjoyed some amazing fish and chips in the harbour.

Here's a few snaps!

The MR driving there!!

Tee*Topshop | Parka*Primark(old) | Jeans*Primark | DM's |
(Sorry about my puzzled facial expression!)

Beautiful display outside a treasure cave 
of a shop called 'Horizon gifts'

A wooden toadstool and two glass hearts I purchased 

Delisious sweetshop, that stocked everything 
from jelly beans to Lucky charms cereal!

We got some yummy sweets but scoffed them before I could 
take a picture but we did get an old school vanilla coke!!

A small pavilion on the seafront which hosted 
live band, Two cool old timers that performed 
hits like 'I'm a believer' (The monkeys)

Me trying my hardest (and getting frustrated) 
trying to win a peppa pig toy!

Hunstanton Windy Seafront!

The harbour at Wells. The tide was also out here, 
so it looked like some sort of boat graveyard! 

The yummiest Cod and chips... 
and gerkin I have ever had!

So that was our day... kinda sad that we had to come home! But looking forward to the week ahead :)

Hope you have enjoyed your Sunday too. 
Have any of you guys been these beaches? and can any of you recommend any other small coastal villages. 

love me x 


  1. Love your jeans and boots. That picture of all the sweets made me hungry!

  2. Ah I always go to Hunstanton, it's such a nice oldie town! By the looks of it you went to the main beach, head to the cliffs next time and go to the beach there, the sand dunes are absolutely amazing, the beach stretches as far as the eye and can see and it's basically the beach that the locals use! Once your on the beach head right and you'll come to a little cafe tucked away, it's such a lovely place in the summer.
    Georgie XO

  3. Love your blog, very creative and a fun read. You have my follow. Follow me if you like

  4. amazing post :)
    I love those photos!!

  5. Looks like you had such a fun time, that sweet shop looks amazing and there's nothing like eating fish and chips out of the paper on the seafront!

  6. Aw Wells is my happy place :) Need to go there again soon. Have you been down to the crazy golf & boating lakes? Awesome fun x x