Friday, 4 May 2012


hey guys, Ive been pretty lame at posting this week again as I feel like crap!! not managed a outfit post or anything!!! Terrible! 
This is much of an improvement, but at least I'm posting... right?
Because I haven't really been out much, I havent made it to the shops... but I did pick up a few bits...
3 shirts. White and Black stripe, White sleveless, Grey denim 
local charity around £6!

Daisy print button front dress
Ebay. 99p!!!

Floral print dip hem midi skirt
Newlook online sale. £22 down to £7!

Shiny black dip hem skirt
Newlook online sale £16.99 down to £6!

Skull and stud skinny belt
Newlook online sale £3.99 down to £2.50

I also got a beaut blaizer I posted already! 
and a cardigan 99p
black Levi chords 99p
black leather bag £1.20 
grey stud tee 99p
black scallop vest £2.99
and 2 pairs of harry potter glasses!!(all ebay)
Black leather biker jacket £55 topshop
Will probs post on most of the stuff when it arrives!!

Also. I am mega pee'd off as I ordered some acid wash jeans from Newlook for £25, the didn't fit as I wanted so I took them back to the shop and thought I'd order a smaller size and when I went online later that day, they had effing sold out! HOW ANNOYING!!!
Can any of you beauts advise on where I can grab a decent pair?
Me and my Mr are off to the Norfolk seaside on Sunday.. 
I know, I know... Sea side in this weather? Well yes! I enjoy being near the sea in the rain rather than the sun, mainly because its so peaceful. Im looking forward to fish and chips cuddles to keep warm!!

Hows everyones week been? Got much planned over the weekend?



  1. I am loving the floral skirt, lovely blog too!

  2. love the belt!

  3. love those shirts!! x